Mashed potato and tuna are mixed together with spring onion, lime juice and coriander (cilantro) to make these delicious tuna fish cakes. They are then coated in breadcrumbs and lightly fried or baked.

My tuna patties are too soft, how do I prevent this?

Make sure not to overcook the potatoes as this can cause them to absorb too much water. Before mashing, return the potatoes to the pan, shake briefly and allow them to steam dry. If you have time, refrigerate and allow your mash to cool completely before mixing and forming the patties.

If you have already formed your cakes but find them too soft to handle, pop them in the freezer for around 10 mins to harden. This will make it easier to coat and fry. Baking will be easier if still too soft.

My Tuna Fish Cakes Full Apart When I coat /cook them, how do I prevent this?

This could be because your mixture is too wet or too textured.

You need to make sure your potatoes are completely dry and ideally cold before mixing with the other ingredients. Also, make sure to fully drain the tuna so you are not adding extra liquid to the mixture.

If you have large chunks of tuna make sure to break them down when mixing. In addition, make sure to chop the onion small.

It’s important that the oil is hot enough when the patties enter the pan. If it’s too low, they will soak up the oil and become soggy.

If still falling apart them try baking over frying.

Can you make fish cakes ahead of time?

Yes. You can form and refrigerate a day before cooking. See storage instructions, above, for further information.

Are these suitable for babies/ toddlers?

Yes. These are perfect for both babies (6mth+) and toddlers.

What should I serve with these?

I usually serve these with salad, roasted vegetables or raw vegetables and dips.

Can you freeze these fish cakes?

Yes. You can freeze before cooking and after cooking. See above section on storage instructions.

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*First published Aug 2015. The post has been updated to include process steps and photos and more cooking tips and information.

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Gaudhuli Mon

Gaudhuli Mon

Marketing Strategy

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