Weekly newsletter of Md Nazmul Hossain — Issue #2

Gaudhuli Mon
2 min readMar 31, 2022

Daily Update of Twitter getrevue ISSUE .

OpenStack launches Yoga, its 25th release — TechCrunch — E-DeshSebawww.edeshseba.info
OpenStack, the massive open source infrastructure-as-a-service project that allows enterprises and public hosting services to run their own on-premise clouds, today released version 25 of its softw…

Best time for Knee Replacement — Gaudhulimon.xyzgaudhulimon.xyz
Knee replacement is a surgical procedure in which damaged bone and cartilage of the knee are removed and replaced with a prosthesis. Knee arthroplasty

Podcast Ep 15: Underrated VS Overhyped Skin Care Ingredients — THE YESSTYLIST — Asian Fashion Blog — Gaudhulimon.xyzgaudhulimon.xyz
Every day it seems like another new beauty ingredient is trending in the world of skin care. Have you ever felt underwhelmed by a skin care ingredient

10 Powerful Time Tracking Software Options for Teams — Gaudhulimon.xyzgaudhulimon.xyz
We’ve come a long way from the manual system of clocking in and out to track employee hours. The right online time tracking software can make the pro